for Well Qualified Members, better rate are available

Did your New Year’s resolution involve saving some money?

Whether you want to start the year with a new vehicle, or need a personal loan, or would like to start socking away some extra cash for the NEXT holiday season; Greater Salem Employees Federal Credit Union can help you accomplish these goals.

Low Rates and High Returns

It’s never been a better time to checkout all that GSEFCU has to offer. Stop paying those extra fees the big box banks charge and go local instead. GSEFCU has checking accounts with no monthly fees and only requires a $5.00 minimum balance. Consider opening a Christmas or Vacation Club account or start retirement savings with an IRA. Looking to remortgage your house or simply do a little remodeling in your home? Your credit union can help you get started.

Current Member?

If you’re currently a member, you’re already reaping the benefits but are you aware of all the services available to you? Check them out here. Be sure to tell your family and coworkers about us!

If you’re not a member, why not? See if you’re eligible to take advantage of the great services, products, and features of a Greater Salem FCU membership.